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Corporate Governance

Ternium Argentina S.A. is a company incorporated in Argentina and its shares are listed in Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos (BYMA), Argentine Stock Exchanges and Markets. The Company is an indirect subsidiary of Ternium S.A., a holding company incorporated in Luxembourg with controlling interests in steel companies with operations in Latin America and the south of the United States.

Integrity is key to the long-term sustainability of Ternium Argentina. The Board of Directors of the Company has an Audit Committee composed of three members, with two members qualifying as independent. In addition, it has a Surveillance Counsel composed of three regular members, all qualifying as independent.

The Company designated a Business Conduct Compliance Manager that reports to the President. We have mandatory training programs on the Company’s Policy on Business Conduct to prevent bribery and mitigate corruption risks. The program promotes the implementation of best practices in business conduct within Ternium Argentina and when interacting with customers, suppliers, governmental bodies and other third parties.

Likewise, the Company has established diverse policies, codes and procedures to ensure transparency and ethical behavior. We promote the use of a Compliance Line to report violations to the Company’s Code of Conduct and its principles.

The Internal Audit department reports to the President of the Board of Directors and, with respect to the internal control over financial reporting, to the Audit Committee.

Corporate Governance AR



The Company has a Related Party Transaction Procedure that establishes guidelines and procedures for the identification, revision and approval of such transactions to ensure transparency, procedural fairness and the fulfillment of applicable provisions and regulations.

Read Ternium Argentina’s By-laws (in Spanish) and its Audit Committee´s Internal Regulations (in Spanish).