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Sebastián Martí | Global Investor Relations and Compliance Senior Director 

USA 1 866 890 0443 (toll free), Argentina (54) 11 4018 8389

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RSS Feeds

What is RSS?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a technology that allows you to receive updated news from preferred websites, which are sent directly to the user's news reader. This includes the headlines, summaries and links to the full article on the website.

These RSS links are usable with a dedicated RSS viewer, or Internet Explorer.

What are the benefits of using RSS?

RSS is an easy way to be notified about updated content on a website. Instead of having to visit a particular website, RSS will automatically send a notification when the subscribed section has been updated.

How can I sign up to RSS feeds?

To subscribe to an RSS feed, select the location of the website of interest and click the small orange button (these buttons usually only exist on the Events, Press Releases). Next, simply follow the instructions for the particular RSS reader being used.