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The Company

Ternium is Latin America’s leading flat steel producer, with operating facilities in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, the southern United States and Central America. The company offers a broad range of high value-added steel products for customers active in the automotive, home appliances, HVAC, construction, capital goods, container, food and energy industries through its manufacturing facilities, service center and distribution networks, and advanced customer integration systems.

Ternium has a comprehensive approach to value creation. Ternium’s value proposition aims to achieve profitable operations on a sustainable basis, through a management approach that comprehends the interests of shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers, as well as of the community. Ternium’s progress towards achieving its objectives in a sustainable way is discussed in its Sustainabilty Report, which has been prepared taking into account the guidelines established by worldsteel, the UN Global Compact, the Global Reporting Initiative and the New York Stock Exchange.

Improving Our Safety Performance. Ternium ranks occupational health and safety (OH&S) performance as its top priority, with the conviction that all injuries and work-related illnesses can and must be prevented. Each of the company's and third-party employees' OH&S is our top concern. In 2019 we inaugurated a new corporate strategy on OH&S management to advance our sustainable development agenda, in line with our OH&S Policy.

Minimizing Ternium’s Environmental Footprint. The protection of the environment is a fundamental value for Ternium. In February 2021, Ternium announced the adoption of a new decarbonization strategy with the medium-term target of reducing the company’s carbon dioxide emission intensity rate for steel production by 20% in 2030, compared to its 2018 base rate. The company seeks to reach the highest standards of environmental and energy performance in order to minimize the environmental footprint of its operations. To achieve this, we are continuously working on the improvement of Ternium's production system. The company's Environmental and Energy Policy states Ternium's views regarding the preservation of the environment.

Realizing Our People’s Full Potential. Ternium has become a leading flat steel producer in Latin America by virtue of its main asset: a team of committed, innovative, diverse and highly qualified individuals. As an equal opportunity employer, Ternium aims to foster a workplace environment that attracts and develops talents across all genders, nationalities, generations, cultures, religions and backgrounds, respecting and valuing individual differences. We rely on the talent and determination of our people to successfully shape our company.

Helping Our Communities Thrive. The principle guiding our work is that an industrial project like ours can only be sustainable if community and industry grow together. In recent years, we have concentrated our community action on four main areas: education, culture, volunteer work and health. Our strategic programs were designed to be implemented at local level, taking into account the particular circumstances of each community where we operate.

Strengthening Ternium’s Value Chain. With the participation of approximately 1,800 companies, our “ProPymes” program fosters the development of the industrial value chain in Mexico and Argentina. Through ProPymes, Ternium offers support to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) by providing a variety of services including training, industrial assistance, institutional assistance, commercial support and financial aid. ProPymes has helped create an industrial network that encourages the professionalization and quest for excellence of SMEs, which, based on knowledge sharing, reciprocal learning and exchange of experiences, aims at the implementation along the whole value chain of the best practices utilized in the industry.

Delivering Ternium’s Business Strategy. Ternium's main strategic objective is to enhance stakeholder value by further consolidating the company’s position as a leading steel producer in Latin America and a strong player in the Americas, while strengthening its competitiveness. The recent inaugurated hot rolling mill in its industrial center in Pesquería, Mexico, will not only integrate Ternium’s production capabilities at Pesquería, starting with the supply of high quality steel from its facility in Brazil, but will transform its capacity to provide the highest grades of flat steel products, substituting the need for imports, and serve the most sophisticated industrial markets.

Commitment to Integrity. Integrity is key to Ternium's long-term sustainability. With ethical behavior and the observance of law as a core company value, we continuously work on building a corporate culture of transparency. Learn more about Ternium’s corporate governance.

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